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Customer Stories

BBTV New Media
BBTV New Media urgently required a full-featured cloud platform to meet business requirements. HUAWEI CLOUD provided BBTV New Media with high-performance cloud services from IaaS to SaaS, which improved performance by 20%, reduced costs by over 30%, and enhanced user experience country wide.
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UCARS is one of the fastest-growing online car marketplaces in Singapore. HUAWEI CLOUD provided a combination of cloud services and helped UCARS develop and deploy applications faster, and govern and monitor their applications more efficiently.
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Asiasoft, a leading online gaming and digital entertainment company, leveraged HUAWEI CLOUD to accelerate mobile game rollout by 50% while reducing the cost by 30%.
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J&T Express, the top express company in Southeast Asia, received stable, reliable cloud infrastructure services from HUAWEI CLOUD. Such services allow for optimized, better organized systems spanning seven Southeastern Asian countries. A rollout that used to take two months can now be done in a week.
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CyberQuote previously hosted their clients' applications on a mixture of on-premises data centers and third-party clouds. CyberQuote leveraged HUAWEI CLOUD’s best-in-class compute and security services to deliver the ultimate performance, cost optimization, and proof of value for their clients.
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ViAct, a leading AI smart construction monitoring cloud platform in Asia, used ECS services from HUAWEI CLOUD to ensure the smooth completion of urgent training tasks. The trained models can detect and anticipate the potential risks in construction sites and trigger instant alerts to save worker lives.
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